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Art:  Global Healing 10th Anniversary Black Edition

Printed on High-Quality Glossy Paper
Rick Vrenios
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Available in several Standard Frame Sizes:



Global Healing 10th Anniversary Black Edition Art Print

Spectacular Healing Art Prints

For a Limited Time Only, the 10th Anniversary Edition of Global Healing is available in two options: 

  • The "Black" Edition
  • The "Blue" Edition

This Global Healing "Black" Edition by Rick Vrenios is beautiful, inspiring and thought-provoking.  It has been updated for its 10th Anniversary with all new celestial art created by Rick!  You will love having the "Black Edition" enhancing the energy in your home or office.   

High-quality prints on high-quality glossy paper.

  Global Healing 10th Anniversary Black Edition Art Print

High Quality Prints in Several Standard Sizes:

Print Size Regular Price Intro Price Framing
18" x 24" Glossy Paper $29.95 $25.00 Unframed
16" x 20" Glossy Paper $24.95 $21.00 Unframed
11" x 14" Glossy Paper $14.95 $12.00 Unframed
8-1/2" x 11" Glossy Paper $7.95 $6.00 Unframed
18" x 24" Metallic Paper $34.95 $29.00 Unframed
16" x 20" Metallic Paper $29.95 $25.00 Unframed
11" x 14" Metallic Paper $19.95 $15.00 Unframed
8-1/2" x 11" Metallic Paper $14.95 $10.00 Unframed

Paper Options:

We offer four different high-quality paper options for you to choose from.  Please select your preference when ordering.

Glossy: (Standard Print Option) Very popular shiny, reflective finish that shows rich colors and fine details in the artwork. (No extra charge)
Metallic: A Specialty Glossy Paper that adds an extra "punch" to the vibrancy of the images.  This upgraded paper/processing option adds additional beauty and life to your art print for a small extra charge per print.


These art prints are shipped directly from the lab to you.  Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to be printed and shipped.  Your prints will be shipped "flat", not rolled, via US Priority Mail within the United States.

The cost of shipping is based on the largest print ordered regardless of quantity:

  • 8-1/2" x 11" Prints:  $7.50

  • 11" x 14" Prints:  $7.50

  • 16" x 20" Prints:  $9.50

  • 18" x 24" Prints:  $9.50 

Please select the appropriate shipping option when ordering.  Our shopping cart cannot automatically calculate the correct shipping amount.  We want to make sure you get charged the actual amount we pay for shipping.

If you order several 8-1/2" x 11" prints, the total shipping cost is just $7.50.
If you order one or more 11"x14" prints and one or more 8-1/2"x11" prints, the total shipping is still $7.50.
If you order a 16"x20" print and an 11"x14" print, the shipping is $9.50.

Your order will not be shipped without proper shipping charges added.


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Notice: Please allow up to 3-5 business days for art prints to ship. 
Call if you need faster service to ensure we can accommodate you: 630-926-5891

Actual text reads:

Standing in that sacred place 
between the heavens and the earth, 
the balance of life rests in our hands. 

Faced with a moment of change, 
the healing of a community, a nation, a world 
comes through the simple acts of individuals. 

To reduce the intolerance in the world, 
have more tolerance with yourself and with others. 

To reduce hostility in the world, 
show patience, 
and allow space for respectful differences.

To reduce oppression in the world, 
tread with gentle strength through your life, 
always aware of the impact you leave behind. 

To reduce hopelessness in the world, 
embrace your life’s gifts, 
and elevate others by living generously. 

To reduce the hatred in the world, 
weed out your own indifference, 
and sow instead compassionate action. 

To reduce the violence in the world, 
tame your words, 
being conscious of what they create. 

To reduce the darkness in the world, 
have the courage to illuminate those around you 
with the profound radiance of your love. 

To strengthen your community, your nation, your world,
resist being an island of complacency, 
and stand honorably within your personal Truth. 

Wellness isn’t an ideal, or a fleeting moment of youth, 
it is a way of Being, 
it is a state of mind. 

By healing these things in yourself, 
even if only in subtle ways, 
you do change the world. 

~ Rick Vrenios ~


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