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Meditation – Bridging Spirit & Physical (Part 1)

Sunset Meditation


Today, I want to share with you Part 1 of a 2-part article I wrote about a year ago, but never published.  It is about the role of meditation as the bridge between the spirit and the physical consciousness.

Meditation is one of the greatest and most generous gifts you can give to yourself.  The benefits affect every part of your life, and the applications of meditation are endless.  If you are willing to dedicate just a small part of your day to reconnecting with the spiritual part of yourself in this conscious, on-purpose way, you will find yourself becoming more at peace, more confident, better able to make good choices, and so much more. » Read more..

Voices of the Chakras

Voices of the ChakrasVoices of the Chakras

Hello again!

The live, no-cost webinar I presented on September 8, 2011 was jam-packed with very important information about your relationship to your chakra system and your spirit.

Most commonly, the chakras are presented as a sort of mechanical structure that can get clogged and blocked preventing energy from flowing freely through the meridian system.  The result is a negative impact on physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual health.  On one level, I believe that to be true, but I have always believed that there was so much more, and I dedicated myself to seeking greater clarity. » Read more..

Awakening Your Intuitive Mind

Awakening Your Intuitive Mind


On August 10, 2011, I presented a free webinar called Awakening Your Intuitive Mind.  If you haven’t listened yet, don’t miss out.  The program will be closing soon.

To register, go to and scroll down to the registration form.

Then, I know this is a little late for most of you, but after you listen, please write a comment of what you thought of it, what you gained from it, or what are your thoughts about intuition.

Look forward to hearing from you!



Rick Vrenios

Rick Vrenios

Hello Everyone!

I am really excited to finally enter the blogosphere with this Higher Energy Blog.  I have a lot of articles inside me that need to get written, and I have many friends and associates that also offer great information that needs to be shared.

The purpose of this blog is to give space for you to be inspired, expanded, thought-provoked, into Higher Expressions of you.

This blog is a two-way street.  I am willing to contribute on a regular basis and I encourage you to contribute as well.  If something shared in these pages sparks you or raises questions, please post comments.

In the mean time, check out the list of upcoming classes.

In the One Light,

Rick Vrenios