2012 – Windows of Opportunity

Door to new reality

How many times have you let opportunity go by without being ready?  Let’s face it.  We all do it.

We know something important is coming, but we let life get in the way and distract us away from what we really want or need to do.

In this momentous year of 2012, we are quickly moving into a planetary shift in consciousness.  We are being presented with another “window of opportunity”.  It is an exciting time to be alive, and we can start getting ready now! Being prepared, we can meet this opportunity with our fullest potential.

In my Hawaiian tradition, we call getting ready and “being” ready, “makaukau”, and it is an important part of living in the heart-centered space of aloha. So how do we “makaukau”?

To take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, awareness and clarity are two very important keys.  Clarity gives us direction.  It helps prevent us from being hooked by the multitude of tangents that try to grab our attention like the electronic billboards in Times Square.

Clarity defines who we choose to be and helps us know where we are going.  Clarity is the light that illuminates our major life goals.  And it is the same light that shines into the darkness of possibility to create awareness of what is available to us and when.

The Light of Clarity is the wisdom of our heart, and aloha (heart-centered living) is our natural state.  But too often this Light is obscured in our perceived struggles and sufferings.

In Buddhism, the saying goes “Life is in the Struggle”, but life turns from struggle to suffering when we are out of harmony with the callings of our inner self and the demands of our outer world.

Struggle is the effort of will to continue placing one foot in front of the other with precision so we stay true on our path.  We have the clarity to see what is true, or what is real.  We have the vision to see the way (or at least the next step) from here to there.

Suffering is when we look at where we are and ask why our dream isn’t real yet.  We fill our reality with “should be’s” and frustration.  It is when we try to push away what we don’t want and initiate a conflict between what is real and what isn’t.  We start a war inside ourselves and create our own suffering.

Living in aloha, or living in a heart-centered way, we deal with reality.  We meet life knowing what we must do next and perhaps what not to do next as well.  We see when it is time to be patient and wait for the right time and the right opportunity, and we remain attentive to recognize when the windows of opportunity have clicked into place.  In aloha, we know not to get frustrated if plans change, because they will change.

So, whether we choose to live unconscious and unprepared or we choose to continue to gain knowledge and build skill and ability, we must understand that life is a choice.  Suffering is a choice.  And you now have an opportunity to participate in this choice.

The 2012 Event isn’t just another new agey concept when we will have a magical intervention and all will be different.  It is a real cycle that our planet and our human race are moving through, and it is up to us to grow with it.

I personally believe that we will wake on Dec 22nd (after the Mayan Calendar ends), and quite frankly, it won’t seem much different.  That date is a focal point for energies that are building NOW.  So unless we are preparing NOW, we will already be behind the curve of this spiritual transition.

Many people have been feeling the acceleration of time… time slipping by with little getting done, mounting distractions, and increasing stress building internally.  As we move through and beyond the end of our current planetary cycle and into the new era, the stress and friction in our lives will continue to increase if we continue to fall further behind in our spiritual calling.

If you are feeling a building inner stress that you can’t explain, it is time to understand why.

If you can’t explain why time is slipping away so quickly, it is time to understand why.


The first of three astrological events marking the shift into the new Heart Energy era begins on June 5, 2012 with the rare Venus Transit of the Sun.

If you would like to know more about what is happening and simple things you can do now to clear your path and enter consciously into this marvelous journey of the Heart, I have a fascinating 3-part online workshop called Sacred Awakenings.  I invite you to click here to see if this resonates with you.

I have posted a short video explaining the shift and introducing the workshop.  It will be worth your time!


Rick Vrenios

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