Why Angels Don’t Expect “Please”


Your angels are around you, and they are paying attention with all of their love and compassion.  They hear your prayers for guidance and direction.  They hear your requests for help as you meet the struggles of life.  They stand by your side during the times of celebration and celebrate with you.  They stand by you during times of tears, and they cry with you.

We all experience those moments when the presence of the angels is so clear, and then we spend the rest of the time convincing ourselves that we never feel them or hear them.  Miracles happen in our lives, but what we pay most attention to is the long periods of silence that span the time in between.

But, what if those long periods of time in between aren’t just silence?  What if that time of silence is a time of observation?  What if it is a time of them listening to us?

A wise astronomer once “bucked” the conventional wisdom that outer space is a vacuum saying that outer space is filled with an energy that we cannot yet measure.  What if the silence in between is the activities of the angels doing work that we can’t yet perceive?  Or better yet, what if that expanse of silence is the period of the angels saying, I’ve done my work.  Now you do yours.

Spiritual wisdom recognizes a duality of forces – a natural flow between heaven and earth and back again.  The cycle moves and dances symbiotically and even interdependently as one supports and nourishes the other for the good of the whole.

In this vision of the goodness of the whole, there is no space to say “please” do this for me.  The word “please” means to do a favor, which is to make an exception, or to override what is already true.  From a spiritual perspective, allowing for “please” is a recipe for chaos.

However, what if there was a spiritually correct way to say please?  What if there was a way that worked with the natural order of creation?  What if that opportunity was the silent time when we’ve been waiting for the angels to do something else?

Our world changes when the angels do what they do and create miracles.  So, what is a miracle?  The angels commit themselves to a stance.  They commit themselves to a way of being, accepting what is right and true.  Based on that, they act.  They don’t “maybe sort-of” act and hope it’s going to be ok.  They act.  They do what must be done.

The angels don’t come forward to us and say, “I see we are about to get into a devastating car accident that will likely end our life.  May I please intercede on our behalf?”  Remember that our personal angels are our spiritual partners and have mutual investment in this life.

The angel’s “please” comes from the soul agreements made coming into the life.  It stems from a full commitment for the best spiritual growth of the life.  Therefore, to not act, would be to fail in the duties and soul commitment of the angel.

On the other hand, for each one of us, the “please” is the act of vision and courage to first plant the seeds for the solutions or way of being we want to be before asking for help.  The “please” is the demonstration that clearly states “these are the seeds I have planted and to which I am committed to giving life.” 

By bringing to action a new set of values, a new commitment to health, a new resolve to kindness, a deeper search for knowledge or whatever the choice, the momentum of your earthly action opens a space in the heavens that can only be met with an equal response.  The tide flows from the earth to the heavens and back to the earth.  The answers may not look exactly as we want them to look, but the answers will come.

There are so many ways to communicate with your angels.  Having a direct voice to voice interaction is a blessing of such depth.  But even when those channels are not as open as desired, we can always find ways get the messages traveling back and forth.  When the silence comes, perhaps it is your turn to do the “talking” with your words, with your actions, and with your heart.

In the One Light,
Rick Vrenios


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