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The Sound and Form of Healing

Sound Waves

Our physical body is a complex organization of rhythms, flows,

and cycles.  Our breath, our heart beat, the pulsations of blood through our arteries and veins, the undulation of our digestion, the tidal movement of fluids, the impulse patterns of our neurology and emotions, the emergence and quiescence of consciousness, and the rising and falling rhythms of our etheric are together an elaborate orchestration of movement.

With that movement, the many rhythms of life express as a magnificent unification into music.  The rhythms and patterns become the sound of life coursing through the form.  And extending beyond that, the musical sounds join with harmonies of the world and the cosmos around you and the actions you take become the melody in the song of life.

Over and over again, the expression of life and the subtle harmony of existance work together to find purity of form.

Many systems of natural healing utilize sound to reawaken primal memory of life and vitality.  Sound healing bathes the body in waves of vibration to stimulate and to invite new states of being.  Gong Baths, chakra bowls, and tuning forks are all examples of this work.

We think back to our most natural instincts to calm a baby or even ourselves is to gently sing.  In that sharing of heart and voice, the energies soothe the spirit and the body.

The power of music is in the reawakening of memories.  We connect times of joy and sadness with the songs that we love.  We remember the sense of freedom, of hope, of limitless possibility with the songs of our lives.

Sound is a powerful healer, because it is so much more than simply lyrics and chords.  Sound is movement.  It is an interconnecting vibration.  It is a union of the heavens and physical life.  It joins heart and mind and breath with the spirit of now, the spirits of those with us, and the spirit of the one generating the sound.

In these joinings, there comes an alignment into a pure, timeless  state of wholeness. 

In the older traditions in the Art of Reiki, sound and form become tools for remembering.  They help us to remember our original nature.  Within the vibrations of those primal sounds found throughout nature – the chirping of birds, the babbling of a stream, that patter of rain, the rustling of leaves, we reconnect with nature within us.  We connect with the most pure elements of life.

When we make these connections, our own life takes on the process of cleansing and clearing, bringing ourselves more in tune with life.  We remember the truth, and the blockages we have created emerge to the surface for us to see more clearly.  As these blocks surface, they are freed to dissolve into the world around us or become a source of strength moving forward.

Sound and form are intrinsicly one.  To learn to use the power of sound and form, we invite you join us for Okuden: Traditional Japanese Style Reiki II – The Inner Teachings of Reiki.

The one-day training is Sunday April 13th and the foundations of prior Reiki 1 Training is required.  This course will provide you with a lifetime of study and self-discovery.

Plus, below is the full schedule of classes for April-May-June 2014.  Or, you can get all the details at:

We look forward to seeing you soon.