The Mystery Teachings

A Colourful Spiral Galaxy in Deep SpaceA Higher Energy grew out of a need.  Many people had a solid spiritual foundation, but they wanted to go deeper.   Serious students of healing and the Inner Path were asking for a way to accelerate their journey of embracing their spiritual core and natural gifts.  They wanted to be more effective and get even more out of their practices.

The key difference between where they were and what they wanted was the direction of focus.  If the intention and need was set externally (what can I influence, who can I do healing work for, or what techniques can I learn and use), a “glass ceiling” would be formed naturally blocking the path of progress.  Often times, the initial progress would be fast and dramatic, and then it typically would slow and stagnate as we hit the ceiling. 

However, if the intention is directed internally (what am I becoming, what is my best self, who am I really, and what limits do I impose upon myself), a powerful shift occurs.  There is no glass ceiling formed, because instead of going “up”, you are going “in”.  Instead of “learning”, you are “remembering”.  Instead of lacking in certain areas, you are already whole and learning to light up the resources that are already in place and readily available.  They are simply as yet undiscovered.

A friend, who was a Jesuit priest, once shared with me that the word “educate” came from Latin.  It means “to lead out”.  The knowledge we need is inside of us.  We only seek to remember.  We find teachers and mentors who can help us with the process of drawing out and trusting our inner knowing.  In my experience, the best mentors I’ve had didn’t give me all the answers.  They guided me in the discovery of my own truth.

In my Hawaiian Training, it is said that with the first 20 years, you become a beginner.  In the Traditional Japanese Reiki teachings, the concept of a Reiki Master is the same… to essentially become a beginner.

What this means is that the objective of the teachings is to know enough to set aside the ego, to set aside desire, and to set aside our need for the external so we can begin the path to the internal.  The quest for the Divine becomes a search for divinity.  The search for learning requires the humility and the self-mastery of being a true novice.  The teacher is no longer outside of us.  The teacher is inside of us.  The learning of spirituality is the living of life.  Growth requires change, and change requires the letting go of attachment to what we know and think and have so we can see what “is”.  It is the recognition of what we are and what we are not.  There are no excuses.

Shinpiden, the Master Level of Traditional Japanese Style Reiki is both a completion and a beginning.  It is a level of expertise and a step into the willingness, the openness, and the innocence of a beginner, supported by a lifetime of experience.

The word “Shinpiden” means the “Mystery Teachings”.  It is very apropos for the course.  The “mystery” is life itself.  To become a master is to begin learning how to really live.  To really live requires the humility to be nothing more and nothing less than what you already are.

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