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The Mystery Teachings

A Colourful Spiral Galaxy in Deep SpaceA Higher Energy grew out of a need.  Many people had a solid spiritual foundation, but they wanted to go deeper.   Serious students of healing and the Inner Path were asking for a way to accelerate their journey of embracing their spiritual core and natural gifts.  They wanted to be more effective and get even more out of their practices.

The key difference between where they were and what they wanted was the direction of focus.  If the intention and need was set externally (what can I influence, who can I do healing work for, or what techniques can I learn and use), a “glass ceiling” would be formed naturally blocking the path of progress.  Often times, the initial progress would be fast and dramatic, and then it typically would slow and stagnate as we hit the ceiling. 

However, if the intention is directed internally (what am I becoming, what is my best self, who am I really, and what limits do I impose upon myself), a powerful shift occurs.  There is no glass ceiling formed, because instead of going “up”, you are going “in”.  Instead of “learning”, you are “remembering”.  Instead of lacking in certain areas, you are already whole and learning to light up the resources that are already in place and readily available.  They are simply as yet undiscovered.

A friend, who was a Jesuit priest, once shared with me that the word “educate” came from Latin.  It means “to lead out”.  The knowledge we need is inside of us.  We only seek to remember.  We find teachers and mentors who can help us with the process of drawing out and trusting our inner knowing.  In my experience, the best mentors I’ve had didn’t give me all the answers.  They guided me in the discovery of my own truth.

In my Hawaiian Training, it is said that with the first 20 years, you become a beginner.  In the Traditional Japanese Reiki teachings, the concept of a Reiki Master is the same… to essentially become a beginner.

What this means is that the objective of the teachings is to know enough to set aside the ego, to set aside desire, and to set aside our need for the external so we can begin the path to the internal.  The quest for the Divine becomes a search for divinity.  The search for learning requires the humility and the self-mastery of being a true novice.  The teacher is no longer outside of us.  The teacher is inside of us.  The learning of spirituality is the living of life.  Growth requires change, and change requires the letting go of attachment to what we know and think and have so we can see what “is”.  It is the recognition of what we are and what we are not.  There are no excuses.

Shinpiden, the Master Level of Traditional Japanese Style Reiki is both a completion and a beginning.  It is a level of expertise and a step into the willingness, the openness, and the innocence of a beginner, supported by a lifetime of experience.

The word “Shinpiden” means the “Mystery Teachings”.  It is very apropos for the course.  The “mystery” is life itself.  To become a master is to begin learning how to really live.  To really live requires the humility to be nothing more and nothing less than what you already are.

If you’d like guidance on your journey, let’s talk and see how we can help.


The Traditional Japanese Reiki Shinpiden (Level 3) Course is March 8 & 15, 2015.  Space is limited.  For details, go to:


The Sound and Form of Healing

Sound Waves

Our physical body is a complex organization of rhythms, flows,

and cycles.  Our breath, our heart beat, the pulsations of blood through our arteries and veins, the undulation of our digestion, the tidal movement of fluids, the impulse patterns of our neurology and emotions, the emergence and quiescence of consciousness, and the rising and falling rhythms of our etheric are together an elaborate orchestration of movement.

With that movement, the many rhythms of life express as a magnificent unification into music.  The rhythms and patterns become the sound of life coursing through the form.  And extending beyond that, the musical sounds join with harmonies of the world and the cosmos around you and the actions you take become the melody in the song of life.

Over and over again, the expression of life and the subtle harmony of existance work together to find purity of form.

Many systems of natural healing utilize sound to reawaken primal memory of life and vitality.  Sound healing bathes the body in waves of vibration to stimulate and to invite new states of being.  Gong Baths, chakra bowls, and tuning forks are all examples of this work.

We think back to our most natural instincts to calm a baby or even ourselves is to gently sing.  In that sharing of heart and voice, the energies soothe the spirit and the body.

The power of music is in the reawakening of memories.  We connect times of joy and sadness with the songs that we love.  We remember the sense of freedom, of hope, of limitless possibility with the songs of our lives.

Sound is a powerful healer, because it is so much more than simply lyrics and chords.  Sound is movement.  It is an interconnecting vibration.  It is a union of the heavens and physical life.  It joins heart and mind and breath with the spirit of now, the spirits of those with us, and the spirit of the one generating the sound.

In these joinings, there comes an alignment into a pure, timeless  state of wholeness. 

In the older traditions in the Art of Reiki, sound and form become tools for remembering.  They help us to remember our original nature.  Within the vibrations of those primal sounds found throughout nature – the chirping of birds, the babbling of a stream, that patter of rain, the rustling of leaves, we reconnect with nature within us.  We connect with the most pure elements of life.

When we make these connections, our own life takes on the process of cleansing and clearing, bringing ourselves more in tune with life.  We remember the truth, and the blockages we have created emerge to the surface for us to see more clearly.  As these blocks surface, they are freed to dissolve into the world around us or become a source of strength moving forward.

Sound and form are intrinsicly one.  To learn to use the power of sound and form, we invite you join us for Okuden: Traditional Japanese Style Reiki II – The Inner Teachings of Reiki.

The one-day training is Sunday April 13th and the foundations of prior Reiki 1 Training is required.  This course will provide you with a lifetime of study and self-discovery.

Plus, below is the full schedule of classes for April-May-June 2014.  Or, you can get all the details at:

We look forward to seeing you soon.

REIKI: Is it the right time, place and season for you?

Reiki6Reiki is a Japanese word translated as ‘spiritual energy’.  The word ‘Reiki’ has become synonymous with a system of healing which has entered the mainstream of Western life.  You’ve all heard of it – many of you have taken one or more levels in the various lineages.


As you begin another year, perhaps it is time to open your heart and your life to this spiritual path.  Yes, Reiki is a spiritual life path, a way to heal not only others but oneself.  It is a beautiful, powerful yet simple path, a way of living in harmony with Heaven, Earth, and your Connection to all that exists.


Linda and Rick have studied several different Reiki “lineages”.  A lineage is a way to trace one’s certification back through individual teachers to the founder of Reiki, Usui Mikao.   The deeper one goes into the study and practice of Reiki, the more understanding surfaces for us to realize that the lineage is one of spirit, of an internal knowing that you are connected to the teachings and the jumon (mantras) and shirushi (symbols), and how these have been put together to show us the way to enlightenment.


In order to be an effective “healer”, one must first work with healing Reiki8one’s own life.  This is the most important thing you need to know!  In Shoden (Level 1 of the system of Reiki that we teach), you will open the door to a way of empowering yourself to create serenity in your daily life, through ancient practices of breath work and meditation.  You will experience your own life force and how this can be concentrated in your hands to offer hands-on healing treatments to yourself and others.  You will learn about the Japanese energy centers of the body and how they relate to wholeness and balance.  You will meditate upon the Reiki Precepts, the core of the teachings and the “secret” to happiness.  And, you will receive four Reiju (attunements, or spiritual blessings) to assist and support you as you move into these beginning understandings.


Reiki5After you have been practicing the Shoden level techniques for awhile, you may consider the next level of study.  In Okuden (Level 2), you will focus more deeply on your self-healing.  Tools will be offered and practiced that will awaken and resonate with your energy centers to promote spiritual growth and well-being.  These include the jumon (mantras), which are chanted aloud, and three of the four shirushi (symbols).  These practices are some of the most profound you will EVER come across, and they effect rapid progress on your personal journey.   You’ll also learn the deeper meaning of “distant” healing and practice that technique, and receive two more Reiju.


The practices of Okuden are imperative to attaining the wisdom and clarity necessary for the final level, called Shinpiden.  Therefore your teachers will remain available to you for the time necessary for you to progress through the Shoden and Okuden practices and master them.  We’ll be offering Reiki practice nights that are different from what you may usually encounter, because we will be doing the meditative work and jumon chanting as well as the hands-on treatments.  We will also offer individual guidance and counseling by appointment.


We are offering both Shoden and Okuden in the current calendar, and we encourage any of you who have been considering Reiki training, as well as any who have studied in different lineages, to give yourself this opportunity to connect with ancient Japanese teachings that are still so impactful and relevant to our Western society today.


When the time is right, we will offer the Shinpiden training on an as-needed basis to those of our students who have committed to this path.  Shinpiden takes you deeper into the mysteries of the teachings.  You will receive the final shirushi and jumon, and learn how to do reiju.  You’ll also receive outlines for that time when you feel you are ready to begin teaching this system.  Shinpiden is an invitation to becoming all that you can be – the embodiment of Reiki – for the benefit of yourself and those you touch during your everyday life.


Bonbu mo satoréba hotoké nari.

“Even a common man by obtaining knowledge becomes a Buddha.”


Shoden: February 23 and 24, March 23 and 24,  9:30am-5:30pm

Okuden: April 13, 9:00am-5:30pm


Mt. Kurama, where Usui Mikao studied